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8 Benefits of Water Features

From embellishing a private residence to adding the final touches to a hotel lobby, water features enhance the atmosphere of even the most dismal of spaces and contribute a sense of powerful tranquility.  Relaxing sounds of water add the necessary finishing touch that transforms the essence of the space. Features like waterfalls, running streams, water walls, ornamental pools, and a multitude of other features induce tranquility. 

Even simple water features have the ability to transform the environment and take you to an entirely different place that is encapsulated with peace and relaxation. They offer aesthetic, functional, and soul amplifying assets, and the sound of water simply makes an environment feel more natural and comfortable. This is why many people in Pompano Beach maintain and repair their water features. There are several unexpected benefits of water features, which is why you may consider adding one to your space:

water feature maintenance ft. lauderdale

Water Feature Health Benefits

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  1. Reduces blood pressure: Studies have proven that acoustics have a physical effect on the human body.  Scientists have concluded that relaxing sounds of white noise, such as running water, can reduce blood pressure.  A Loud noise environment points to a risk of developing cardiovascular disease, but masking the loud noises with peaceful ones, such as running water, can mitigate these risks.  A water feature brings more value than just pretty noise and pretty scenery, it can improve your physical health too.
  2. Psychological benefits: Evolution has pushed humans to move away from nature into crowded, polluted, and hectic cities and suburbs that lack nature scenery. Running water features can help you retrieve the feeling of being surrounded by nature that humans primordially crave.  Studies have shown that water sounds promote creativity, calmness, learning, focus, memory and higher quality of sleep. There is something about a hot shower that is naturally conducive to critical and creative thinking. Thoughts can begin to flow out of the mind just as water flows out of the faucet. 
  3. In the same way, there is peace and content in listening to waves crash, which is why many people fall asleep or meditate to the sound of crashing waves.  The peaceful white noise of running water cancels out distracting sounds, enabling you to focus or fall asleep quickly. Human minds consider running water noises to be classified as a “non-threat,” which drown out noises of what we may perceive to be threats that abruptly wake us up.  This helps us stay asleep throughout the night. Often your mind is running rampant of thoughts about the past, future, or daily stresses, but the sound of water overpowers that voice. Peace of mind is power -- the power to sleep, create, and focus.
  4. Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression: many people find the sound of rain and other noises of running water to act as an antidote to stress, anxiety, and depression. Because the sound of water is a non-threatening predictable pattern, the brain can easily process it and then utilize the calm presence it brings to address other sensations such as anxiety and depression.  Running water has the mysterious ability to lift weight off your shoulders and clear your mind. Pink noise, a mixture of water, nature, and heartbeat sounds that has more energy at lower frequencies, is being used more often in therapy and for sleep. Even spending a few minutes among nature to get your “green exercise” can improve your mood and self-esteem.  Additionally, listening to running water from a man-made waterfall or water stream may have indispensable effects on you and your mental health.
  5. A good first impression: beyond the positive impacts on the mind and body, a decorative water feature can swoon your guests.  A water feature brings life and peace to a garden, a home, a spa, or a lobby. Because the water feature’s sounds induce relaxation, your visitors will feel right at home… they might stay a while too.
  • 6. Increase property value: Although the value of a water feature may be subjective, it undoubtedly adds value to your property.  An aspect of what makes homes valuable today is the yard landscape and its integrated water features. Water features often make the home or building stand out amongst other real estate, raising your property to the top price range.
  • 7. Improved air quality: Fountains and other water features are natural humidifiers and purifiers.  Water features add moisture into an environment without the buzzing sound and mildew buildup that occurs in humidifiers.  The moisture is beneficial because dryness can cause irritation in the eyes, throat, nose, skin, and other parts of the body, especially in arid climates.  Additionally, humidifiers can ease the symptoms associated with a common cold or the flu. Water features act as purifiers because they fill the surrounding space with negative ions. Negative ions clarify the air of allergens, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses.  Negative ions from water features can even revitalize your metabolism, enhance your immune system, purify your blood, and promote healthy digestion. It is almost as if these ions create a protective circle around you.
  • 8. Attract natural wildlife: If the water feature is located outdoors, you may find that hummingbirds, frogs, deer, ducks, dragonflies, butterflies, and other animals pay a visit to take a bath or get a drink.  Your yard can turn into an oasis of life, fostering animals from all walks of life. There is no better way to experience the serenity of nature through the tranquility of the sound of water and the sight of animals rejuvenating themselves in your yard.
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  • 8. They require little maintenance: Water features require significantly less maintenance than pools.  The most crucial aspect in requiring little maintenance for your water feature is keeping the pump clean and working. To keep the pump working steady by maintaining an even water level, you need to add more water in the drier months.  The other secret is to keep the water feature clean so that the filter and pump don’t get clogged. The easiest features to maintain are prefabricated fountains, self-contained bubbling containers, miniature ponds, water basin features, and pondless waterfalls.

Water Feature Maintenance in Pompano Beach

Serenity is the most appealing aspect that a water feature will contribute to a room or yard.  We are all searching for a source of peace and stillness. The blue mind effect is the sensation of being in harmony with the present moment.  It is becoming harder to find presence when there is constant distraction and stimulation in today’s society. When around water, the blue mind effect triggers an experience of empathy, self-awareness, and general positivity and happiness. Even the subtle sound of water dribbling from a fountain can have extremely powerful effects that can create a meditation state.  

Chemicals in the brain are recalibrated, which is why these positive feelings come forth, and stress and anxiety drops off.  The sound of running water is essentially white noise, and each person may hear a different rhythm or message embedded in the fluidity of the water.  The noise provides you with the opportunity to let the water envelop your mind and thoughts and be satisfied by just experiencing things as they are. The sound of running water in a water feature gracefully adds fluidity, balance, and form to those around it, overall promoting well-being and mental health.  This is how something as simple as a water feature can help you feel more connected to you. 


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