Custom Aquarium Services

Custom Fish Tank Services in South FL

For over 22 years, Crystal Oceans has provided the best custom aquarium services in South Florida, but you should know that we can provide whatever custom aquarium services that you may need. The world is your oyster, and we can service that.

Caring for pet fish can be a lot of work. From aquarium design and installation, maintenance, cleaning, coral inserts, fish health, to other custom aquarium needs, there are a lot of bases to be covered and a lot of fish to be fed.

Underwater paradises should be just that...paradises for your fish friends. Tanks should provide a clean, safe environment for your precious pets. Crystal Oceans knows what is best for these vibrant creatures.

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At Crystal Oceans, we have helped improve many homes and businesses in the South Florida area by installing freshwater aquariums. Whether you need an easy-to-care-for pet solution, or need to add some life to your interior living spaces, our experienced technicians are here to help.

From unique designs to professional installations, we offer everything you need for a lifetime of enjoying nature indoors. Contact us today to benefit from the stress-relieving benefits of your custom aquariums and to save money on professional services for your one-of-a-kind tanks.

Custom Design

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For some fish-lovers, a basic fish tank is not exciting enough or extravagant enough. When you partner with us, together we can create you a perfect and unique aquarium. 

We will tailor designs to your home and your preferences. We can help you work through every detail -- from tank size and style, fish selection, coral, tank decor, invertebrates, to maintenance... we ensure that your fish gang is thriving in their new home.

You may need some inspiration to spark your imagination for the perfect fish tank, so here are some options:

Glass - You can easily imagine incorporating a glass aquarium into your home, as they are the most common type of tank. Sealed with silicone, they are scratch and fog resistant. This is the standard in the fish tank industry.

Acrylic - If you take safety precautions seriously, this tank material may be for you. Acrylic is stronger than glass and doesn’t need silicone bond. They can house any type of aquarium -- fresh, salt, and reef. It is lightweight and flexible, but acrylic scratches easier than glass. Extra care should be taken when cleaning these tanks.

Custom Aquarium Design Services

Design is clearly much more than the material. You have to consider what type of fish ecosystem you want. There are many options. Whatever vibe you want for your aquarium, you can create. The fish themselves enhance the essence of the system.

Some example ecosystems:

Freshwater Aquariums

  • Passive Freshwater Community Tank

This is a tank populated by non-territorial fish, not aggressive beasts. Schooling fish would fit in perfect here.

Fish: Danios, Hatchets, Cory Cats, Rainbowfish, Angelfish, Silver Dollars

  • Large Oddball Aquarium

Many types large freshwater fish get along when housed together if they grow up together. This requires quite a large tank -- 300 to 1000 gallons would suffice. This tank truly is a spectacular sight.

Fish: Large Catfish, Freshwater Eels, Colubian Sharks, Rope fish

  • Brackish Water Aquarium

Brackish water has a high pH (7.6) with a little marine salt in the freshwater. This tank can be passive or semi-aggressive.

Fish: Mollies, Swordtails, Scats, Figure 8 Puffers, Comumbian Sharks, Bumblebee

Saltwater Aquariums

  • Reef Tank

Reef tanks can be difficult to cultivare because of the water quality, lighting, filtration, and monitoring requirements. There doesn’t have to be fish in this take. The goal is often to grow corals and anemones.

  • Specialty Species Tank

These tanks are packed with excitement. Rare species can surprisingly integrate well and make for a serendipitous site.

Fish: Seahorse, Sharks, Rays, Jellyfish

Custom Design Fish Tank Services

Crystal Oceans can fulfill whatever aquarium dream that you have in mind. We have the fundamental knowledge and experience to intuitively bring your visions to life. Lets get to fishing!