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The Venice of America has long remained known for coastal living, luxury shopping and entertainment options, and unique historical landmarks. And when you need to bring the ocean home, you need a trustworthy local aquarium store in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

However, how many times does it feel as though your options in new fish tanks seem limited to store displays? Instead, you deserve a wholly customized aquarium to enjoy every day in your home, commercial office space, or anywhere else.

At Crystal Oceans, we have continued to create, maintain, and repair the best in locally customized fish tanks and more. Whether you need a freshwater environment or the top selection for saltwater fish in Fort Lauderdale, choose us for results.

We have remained your local custom aquarium builders in South Florida since 1998, and we still create superior seascapes daily. Contact us to add lots of value, entertainment, and a sense of elegance to any interior spaces and hire us.

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Best Fort Lauderdale Fish Tank Maintenance Service

Aquarium installation services Florida

You could visit any number of pet stores and rush back home with a plastic bag full of bewildered fish. Once you get them back inside, however, the real work begins trying to introduce them to their new tank safely.

When that doesn’t work, you can rely on us to create their best fish tanks, as well as maintenance. If you can’t find the time or aren’t sure how to care for your aquatic friends, we offer weekly services.

As your all-in-one custom aquarium experts, we always ensure you receive a quality design and years of fish tank ownership. Contact our staff today to discuss your project’s details, and learn what you can save on professional services, such as:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • New Aquarium Installation
  • Aquarium Maintenance
  • Artificial & Real Coral Reef Inserts
  • Fish Tank & Aquarium Lighting
  • RO Water Delivery
  • Salt & Freshwater System Upgrades
  • Weekly Service Plans
  • Water Feature Maintenance
  • And more fish tank services.

See why more Florida residents and business owners still prefer our customized designs for more than 21 years and counting. Call us today to order your personalized fish tanks and more, or for continued weekly upkeep services for cleaner aquariums.

Our Services

Aquarium Installation

Why settle for dull square glass boxes again when you can bring any ideas or styles to life with us?

Aquarium Maintenance

Once your fish tank is in place, you need assistance keeping it running at its peak level of performance daily.

Coral Reef Inserts

From living coral specimens to artificial reefs, we can bring the ocean to your door with quality additions for aquariums.

RO Water Delivery

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water systems remain known for their superior level of cleanliness and lack of hard minerals and chemicals.

Fish Tank & Aquarium Lighting

What’s the point of buying a fish tank if you can’t see inside? Let’s upgrade your lighting with AquaRay Lights.

Salt & Freshwater System Upgrades

If your custom fish tank isn’t performing how you expected, we can give your aquarium a boost with numerous upgrades.

24 Hour Emergency Service

When you get up at night for a drink, and the carpet is soaking wet, you need our team immediately.

Weekly Service Plans

A clean fish tank is a happy one, and your new inhabitants will love how they feel after we visit.

Water Feature Maintenance

Is the lobby waterfall gurgling, spurting, or leaking? Call us to manage any repair needs to keep it flowing daily.

Why Hire Us for Custom Fish Tanks & More?

Best South FL Aquarium Services

Designing, installing, and caring for a new custom fish tank proves much more challenging than it seems on your TV. And when aquarium stores in Fort Lauderdale seem to restrict their services to fish sales, you need a better solution.

Since 1998, our team has provided the best in customized aquariums, fish tanks, water features, and more unique home additions. From giving your living room a tropical theme to traditional dentist waiting room tanks, choose us for your longest-lasting results.

And when you have cloudy water, sluggish fish, loud pump noises, and more, our team returns for care and maintenance. Whether you need our team once a week, once a month, or somewhere in between, choose us for repair services.

As your all-in-one local experts for all things fish tank related, we guarantee cleaner aquariums and healthy sea life sales. For your trusted name in customized projects and affordable scheduled maintenance solutions, save more with Crystal Oceans service technicians today.