The Health Benefits of Aquariums

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Have you ever been struck by a sense of tranquility while gazing at marine life? Maybe a clownfish hiding in a row of coral struck your curiosity, or perhaps the serenity of the environment that stemmed from the colors, sights, and noises brought a sense of ease and comfort to an otherwise anxious mind.

Whatever experience you’ve had with marine life, we truly believe an aquarium - filled with beautiful aquatic life and underwater landscapes - can serve as a potent de-stressor. Let’s not chalk this up to coincidence. Let’s talk about the health benefits of aquariums!

Aquarium Therapy?

An article that surfaced in the journal Environment and Behavior back in 2016 studied the relationship between humans and their contact with natural environments. At the end of the study, it was suggested that “there are psychological and physiological benefits of watching aquaria. It extends earlier studies by exploring the potential influence of increasing biota (things in the natural environment, such as fish, coral, etc.) levels on well-being measures recorded at several time time points….” 

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The study goes on to state that the restorative and beneficial effects of observing marine life can also be “derived from artificial, as well as ‘real’ nature experiences”. This means that aquariums can be just as effective as natural environments for the purpose of relief from things such as anxiety and depression! The study concludes with an interesting note on the relationship between the amount and richness of life in the simulated environment and the stress relief that many individuals experience:

This effect is believed to be amplified by the diversity and contents of the aquarium. The study essentially states that the higher the density of fish, life, and coral, the higher the potential for its claimed therapeutic benefits. So, with that being said, one can conclude that he larger the surface area of the aquarium, the more room for a bio-diverse and eclectic blend of fish, coral, and marine life.

Aquariums and Animal-Assisted Therapy

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Study after study has found that animal-assisted therapy, such as service dogs, cats, bird-watching, and aquarium-watching, are helpful in reducing stress and anxiety by lowering heart rate and decreasing things such as stress and muscle tension in the human body.

Aquarium watching produces an almost-hypnotic effect, as people seem to calm down when they observe a calm and natural habitat, no matter how simulated it may appear to be. It is incredibly interesting to note that this same effect of observing marine life in it’s natural habit can also be achieved through the use of residential and business-sized aquariums. Effects can be felt in as little as five minutes and the benefits appear to be numerous.

We were born to focus our attention on other living animals; we don’t think a scientific explanation of that statement is necessary. Who doesn’t love an aquarium?

Boca Raton Aquarium Service

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