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Satlwater & Freshwater Aquarium Company in Bocal Raton

Crystal Oceans is widely known as being the best aquarium maintenance company in Boca Raton. The reason is, we don't mess around. We get our salt water from the intercoastal, we safely qaurantine all of our fish. When you hire Crystal Oceans to maintain your aquarium Fish Tank In Boca Raton, you are getting a professional company that has been caring for fish tanks for over 20 years. Not only do we maintain fish tanks but we cultivate our own coral inserts and cary the best lines of LED lighting for the residents and business owners of Boca Raton.

Please feel free to give us a call today, after a consultation, we will give you a fish tank maintenance plan that suits your needs, depending on the size and current health of your tank along with other variables.

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  • Locally Sourced Fish
  • Freshwater Specimens
  • Saltwater Creatures
  • Ocean Water Delivery
  • Living & Artificial Coral Reefs
  • Unique Design Choices
  • Experienced Service Technicians
  • Local Contractors
  • On-Call Leak Repairs

Few things add elegance and energy to an interior space, quite like a fish tank full of exotic aquatic residents. See the personalized aquariums you need to see the most in your home, commercial building, and other indoor areas today.

Boca Raton FL Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Maintenance Boca Raton, FL

You could spend a fortune updating your furniture, flooring, wall colors, and other décor items and still not see results. While some upgrades and additions prove ideal for some houses, it’s tough to beat a customized aquarium for your residence.

From capturing the natural beauty of the sea to bringing more life into your place, fish tanks solve more needs. And when you choose our installation team for your personalized aquarium, it means expert completed results on every new project.

Whether you already have an aquarium and need help maintaining it, to new personalized designs, and more, call us now. We guarantee a new custom-built fish tank your family will love for years, as well as professional maintenance solutions for:

  • Aquarium Installation
  • Aquarium Maintenance
  • Coral Reef Inserts
  • Fish Tank & Aquarium Lighting
  • RO Water Delivery
  • alt & Freshwater System Upgrades
  • Water Feature Maintenance
  • Weekly Service Plans
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • All aquarium installation & maintenance 

From the drawing board to months following your service visit, we create and keep up with more fish tanks daily. When you need a better source for care, creations, and more, you can still rely on our team for results.

Our Services

Aquarium Installation

Your fish tank can offer you more than some glass panels. We offer a full range of unique design choices.

Aquarium Maintenance

Water composition, temperature, and cleanliness work together to form a sustained ecosystem, and we know how to keep them balanced.

Coral Reef Inserts

From natural live coral specimens to artificial inserts, bring the ocean home to your fish tank the easy way now.

RO Water Delivery Services

Some fish thrive in tap water, while others won’t last long. We have quality RO water delivery.

Fish Tank & Aquarium Lighting

Is that dinky yellow fluorescent bulb not letting off enough light for fish? Upgrade your aquariums with AquaRay Lights today.

Salt & Freshwater System Upgrades

Over time, the original filtration system, lighting and pump motors need new features, and we have affordable upgrades.

24 Hour Emergency Service

There’s a reason why you told your kids not to play ball in the house. Contact us for leaks anytime.

Weekly Service Plans

You can count on our technicians for convenient & affordable service visits, offered weekly, bi-weekly, monthly & more contractor options.

Water Feature Maintenance

Some owners don't know to clean their waterfalls, or don't tend to their ponds in weeks, leaving them looking murky.

Best Custom Aquariums in Boca Raton FL

Saltwater Aquarium

For generations, people living throughout the Boca Raton, FL, community, have discovered the beauty of custom fish tanks at home. With over 21 years of designing the best aquariums in town, you can still rely on us each time.

From fully personalized additions to using our established templates and image galleries, we create the fish tanks you will love. Whether you have a favorite type of fish, prefer saltwater systems, or have unique design elements, choose us for results.

Bringing the majesty of the ocean to your home doesn’t need to feel impossible when you hire our expert contractors. Whatever items you need to see the most, we offer it all at affordable rates.

For the best in local custom fish tanks and more, hire us at Crystal Oceans for superior designs and maintenance.