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You made the right choice for your custom fish tanks by choosing us at Crystal Oceans for your personalized installation. However, when you’re not sure if fish sleep on their backs or not, you’ll want some expert advice and blogs.

Since we offer more than just the best in one-of-a-kind seascape creations in South Florida, we can help you. Here you will see a variety of topics covering the care, maintenance, upgrades, and unique challenges of owning aquariums, including:

  • Custom Aquarium Designs
  • Different Types of Water Systems
  • Freshwater Fish Tanks
  • Custom Saltwater Aquarium
  • Coral Packages
  • Living Coral Aquariums
  • Custom Reef Inserts
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Water Maintenance Tips
  • Water Features
  • RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water Systems
  • And more fish tank blog topics.

Having Trouble Finding the Blog Topic You Need?

Owning an aquarium in your home or at your business adds tons of value to any room or interior spaces. However, without knowing the basics of proper care and maintenance, it quickly becomes an expensive hobby and a wasteful one.

We intend to add more posts and topics in the future. For everything else, contact us at Crystal Oceans for custom fish tanks.

Water Parameters for Home Aquariums

March 26, 2020
illustration of fish food bottle

Water Parameters for Home Aquariums An aquarium is not just a tank of water. For a healthy ecosystem to thrive, great care and regular aquarium maintenance are needed. Water parameters for home aquariums must be checked regularly to ensure a stable environment for the inhabitants of the aquarium.  In fact, if your aquarium is working correctly and everything is in order, there should be lots of helpful bacteria in your tank. That’s right! Bacteria may …

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7 Benefits of Using an Aquarium Maintenance Service

February 25, 2020
boca raton aquarium

An aquarium is a happy and thriving aquarium only if it is a clean aquarium.  It seems that your sparkling clean aquarium remains in that state for only a few days after a thorough scrub of the tank.  Maybe before you bought your aquarium you didn’t realize how much time, effort, and money it takes to maintain your pets’ home, but it is your responsibility to properly care for your pets. This type of long-term …

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8 Benefits of Water Features

February 12, 2020
water feature maintenance ft. lauderdale

From embellishing a private residence to adding the final touches to a hotel lobby, water features enhance the atmosphere of even the most dismal of spaces and contribute a sense of powerful tranquility.  Relaxing sounds of water add the necessary finishing touch that transforms the essence of the space. Features like waterfalls, running streams, water walls, ornamental pools, and a multitude of other features induce tranquility.  Even simple water features have the ability to transform …

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The Difference Between Saltwater and Freshwater Aquariums

February 1, 2020
beach picture boca raton

Are you contemplating setting up your very own aquarium? If you have reservations and qualms about it we’re here to tell you that you should spend your money on either a saltwater or a freshwater aquarium (or maybe both). Trust us, it’s going to be worth every penny. An aquarium is not just an ornamental piece that will fill in a bare corner of your room; it’s more than that. In Feng Shui, an aquarium …

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Easy Ways to Clean a Fish Tank

January 15, 2020
saltwater tank maintenance

If you want your freshwater fish friends to stay healthy and happy, you’ll have to make sure that the conditions of their environment remain optimal. In other words, keeping your fish tank clean allows the ecosystem in it to thrive. For instance, if the water in your aquarium isn’t replaced as much as it should be, you might as well say goodbye to the fish, coral, and other marine invertebrates that are living inside it.  …

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Guide For Saltwater Fish Tank Maintenance

January 4, 2020
Aquarium Maintenance Boca Raton, FL

The quality of water in a fish tank is critical to ensure the health of the fish. This routine upkeep is important to keep a balanced fish tank. That’s why Crystal Oceans goes all the way out into the ocean to get its salt water. If everything is running properly and your fish are healthy, there is no need for any major change, even if the pH or hardness is slightly out of range. Only …

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The Health Benefits of Aquariums

December 28, 2019
happy fish tank owners

Have you ever been struck by a sense of tranquility while gazing at marine life? Maybe a clownfish hiding in a row of coral struck your curiosity, or perhaps the serenity of the environment that stemmed from the colors, sights, and noises brought a sense of ease and comfort to an otherwise anxious mind. Whatever experience you’ve had with marine life, we truly believe an aquarium – filled with beautiful aquatic life and underwater landscapes …

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Choosing The Right Fish For Your Saltwater Tank

November 4, 2019
Right Fish For Your Saltwater Tank

The fish of the world thank you for doing your research before stocking up your saltwater tank with your new underwater friends. Like any pet, keeping fish is a big responsibility. They are living, breathing animals and proper care and education is the difference between them suffering, or living a happy, thriving life.  First of all, know your level of expertise and experience. If keeping a saltwater tank is a new thing for you, then …

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